As the year closes, entrepreneurs are getting ready to tackle 2021 with new milestones and better plans for their business’ growth and success. To help ensure that these goals are realized and not merely an empty New Year’s resolution that you forget after a couple of weeks, here are four productivity hacks that you can integrate into your daily life:


Improve Your Sleep Cycle

As dozens of sleep studies have proven, the importance of getting enough shut-eye cannot be overlooked. While one might think that putting in 100-hour workweeks and doing back-to-back all-nighters can put you ahead of competitors, it is simply not sustainable. It is more likely to hurt your productivity and quality of output than it will benefit them. Improve your quality of sleep and allow for regular midday naps if necessary.


Optimize Your Workspace

Purge your workspace of any distractions, such as video games, television, external noise, etcetera. You’ll want to limit your desk space with essentials only, including your business printer, phone system, books, and work laptop. Consider working outdoors, such as in a cafe or park, if that makes you more productive and focused.


Keep Meetings to a Minimum

Meetings are perceived to be a productivity zapper in the workplace. Small business owners or entrepreneurs working with one or two independent contractors should limit sessions unless necessary. Rather than attempt to meet up every day and waste an hour of your team’s time, schedule a bi-weekly or monthly meeting; everything else should be relayed either via email or a phone call.


Prioritize Tasks That Align With Objectives

Identify what your main long-term objective is and form a list of daily tasks based on that objective. For instance, if your main goal is to launch a website for your business, your day-to-day tasks should involve learning how to code or interviewing web designers. Once you’ve accomplished your main objective, identify the next one, and then make up another list of daily tasks.


Achieving optimal productivity won’t happen overnight. Ultimately, merely knowing what you have to do won’t lead to an actual transition to a more productive state.

If you want to accomplish more this upcoming year, you’ll have to develop patience and consistency in your day-to-day habits as well.