The changes taking place in the world have caused millions of people to change their career paths. Many of these new careers are freelance based and are in the tech, web development, design, and writing fields. Before 2020, many freelancers were working their particular disciplines as a form of extra income.


After 2020, many of those same people have decided to make these full-time careers. Now that you have a chance to step back and re-evaluate your future, take the necessary steps to ensure your success.


Work On Improving Your Skills


Your skills as a freelancer could always use improvement, so use this time of uncertainty to your advantage. If you have been receiving unemployment benefits, for example, think about buying new equipment to work with. Improve your skills by reading books, taking online classes, and practicing. If you are a coder, for example, go deeply into understanding the code(s) you work with to create eye-catching websites and apps people will love.


If you are a freelance writer, simply downloading Grammarly and other useful editing tools can help you improve your craft as you work, even if you might not have much work as of yet. More business will come as clients notice improvements to your work that are worth the money they pay you. Try using note-taking applications like Evernote to brainstorm for new and creative content and use automation to your advantage.


Find New Clients Yourself


Don’t limit your freelance work searches to the most popular platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. While these can be great places to land a freelance gig, there is often a limited supply of work along with fierce competition. This can keep you from doing enough to earn a decent living. Remember, there are other ways of finding freelance work, so get creative finding new ways to do this.


Try building social media pages that can get the word out about your business. If you have a reasonable number of followers, this will be easier than you think. You might not have thought of social media as a freelance work platform, but social media platforms have some of the same kinds of algorithms that can help give you access to a limited supply of potential clients.