Social media is a tool that every business owner can use to attain a variety of different goals. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who may not have the same resources or access to capital to benefit a more traditional small business owner. Here are just a few ways you can use social media to support your startup.


Build Your Brand

The most obvious advantage of using social media for business purposes is to help you create awareness for your products and startup. Social media websites are a free marketing resource that you can exploit to connect your products with the consumers who need them. Even before you release your products, you should be identifying your target demographics and connecting with those consumers. You can do this by joining groups relevant to your field of interest and interacting with other members of those groups. As users begin to identify you as an authority, they will start following your business page.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

One way that consumers use social media is to connect with their favorite brands. By following your brand’s page, customers can leave testimonials, questions, or complaints. You can use these interactions to gauge overall satisfaction with your products and services, which can help you improve upon your startup’s ability to meet consumer needs. Additionally, using social media to adjust your business model will show consumers that you’re paying attention to their concerns. That can often be enough to boost overall satisfaction with a brand.


Market on a Dime

A startup usually has a minimal budget, and unexpected expenses can crop up at the worst possible moments. Beginning entrepreneurs can save a great deal of capital by using the free resources that social media provides to market their products. Using keywords and hashtags can help you expand your reach across each platform. Additionally, social media sites allow you to utilize paid advertising options at a lower rate. Since you can target specific demographic groups in paid advertising campaigns, you can get even more value from your advertising budget.


Social media is also a great way to network with other entrepreneurs. You may not know many other entrepreneurs, and connecting online will enhance your ability to network. As you begin forming relationships with other entrepreneurs, you’ll have greater access to events, educational opportunities, and more resources that you might not otherwise learn about.

James Durkin