Right now, we are facing trying times as we enter a new normal thanks to COIVID-19. Nevertheless, the current pandemic is a worrisome experience for many because of the threats to our daily lives and the U.S. economy.


Dealing with Stressful Conditions

The required social distancing during the pandemic has created new social constraints for people and generated frustration and stress with the convergence of work and home. Many now find themselves working while being simultaneously involved in child care and domestic chores with little opportunity to entirely focus on a single task for their work as they have been accustomed to doing. Other impediments may also occur, such as internet problems or delays in communications. These changes have affected people’s abilities to be productive, as well as adding to their stress. Still, there are ways in which you can stay focused on what is necessary.


Listing necessary goals for the day: Writing down a realistic accounting of what must be done is an essential step in accomplishing your goals for the day and the week. Having specific goals allows you to maintain your focus and accomplish tasks.

Not allowing distractions to interfere with productivity: While it is tempting to check the news for updates, maintaining focus reduces errors and allows you to achieve your daily goals. Scheduling a break for a specific time may also prevent distractions from stalling productivity.

Establishing a routine: Just as there are procedures that followed at work, individuals should arrange their daily workload in a systematic pattern. By doing this, you can reduce your stress levels because you know the direction work workday will take at the beginning of the day. With an early start, too, you can be more productive.

Avoid distractions and remain organized: Staying off social media and personal emails until work is finished will save time and help with maintaining your focus on what is necessary. Sticking to a routine keeps you organized.

Review the workday: When finished with work, you should evaluate yourself objectively on how many tasks you were accomplished and how focused you were when doing so. Making notes on what you wish to improve during the next day will save time. After reaching all the daily goals, you can reward yourself; breaks and personal enjoyment are essential to staying healthy and reducing stress.