For many entrepreneurs, there can be little doubt that the choice of a home base will profoundly shape the experience of starting a business. Here are just ten great cities that are perfect choices for entrepreneurs, and why moving to one of these locations can be a truly life-changing experience.


  1. Palo Alto, California

Without question, Palo Alto is the nerve-center of Silicon Valley. The entrepreneurial culture of Palo Alto is legendary across the globe, and making it here is often the highlight of a young entrepreneur’s career.


  1. Seattle, Washington

Second only to Silicon Valley in terms of entrepreneurial resources, Seattle is home to huge companies like Microsoft and Starbucks. The city’s proximity to nature also makes it a perfect home base for entrepreneurs keen on the great outdoors.


  1. Portland, Oregon

Home to great companies like Nike and Intel, Portland has a laid-back, funky vibe that is perfect for young entrepreneurs who enjoy the bohemian delights of great restaurants and live music.


  1. Austin, Texas

In recent years, business-friendly tax regulations and a vibrant nightlife have turned Austin into a young entrepreneur’s dream come true. Austin also offers its residents and visitors great weather year-round and an astounding variety of regional cuisines.


  1. Brooklyn, New York

When it comes to business, Brooklyn is home to some of the world’s hippest and most forward-thinking companies. People who love Brooklyn wouldn’t live anywhere else; fortunately, the NYC borough’s business resources are world-class.


  1. Los Angeles, California

In recent years, Los Angeles has seen an influx of young entrepreneurs keen to experience Left Coast business culture at its best. LA is about as vibrant as it gets, and business here is booming.


  1. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Centered around the beautiful University of Michigan campus, Ann Arbor’s leafy environs and remarkable tech scene make it a perfect spot for launching a new business. Only a few miles from the revitalized urban playground of Detroit, Ann Arbor has all the resources young entrepreneurs need to get their career started off right.


  1. Miami, Florida

Miami may be the party capitol of the United States, but its wealth of investors and international feel also make the city a great place for young entrepreneurs to get their start. The city’s pristine beaches and world-class restaurants also make it very easy for business professionals to blow off steam after a long day at the office.


  1. Cambridge, Massachusetts

Home to world-class institutions of learning like Harvard University and MIT, Cambridge has been the site of some of the most remarkable business breakthroughs of the last 100 years. After all, these were once the stomping grounds of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates during their student days.


  1. Santa Fe, New Mexico

One of the most beautiful cities in the West, Santa Fe is home to a burgeoning entrepreneurial scene. Entrepreneurs who love the outdoors will also undoubtedly appreciate the city’s proximity to truly spectacular natural landscapes.