There is hope in the world of business for those willing to listen and learn. TED Talks are a perfect starting point because a person can hear all perspectives on topics so personal to business. These talks offer an interesting perspective on how to go about life and work, but these talks are also an exquisite resource for career development. Here are the best TED talks for business leaders.


1. How to Keep the Right People


This is the best TED talk on management. The format for this talk is informative and helpful for marketing and understanding how to hire the right person. Learn how to motivate employees and make them feel valued.


2. Why People Their Competition


“Toxic” is a word that people hear a lot these days. It’s used to describe friends, enemies, and even family. But it is rarely used to describe the enemy. Many of us don’t even know who their enemies are because they look like them and sound like them. Toxic organizations are unconsciously ruthless places where competition is encouraged on all levels – not just for the sake of competing but competing at any cost.


3. How to Build a Better Individual


This is one of the best TED talks on how to be productive. There are so many things in life that prevent a person from being productive, and this talk is about one of them: trying to be what others want them to be.


4. The Power of Introverts


Being an introvert does not mean that you can’t be a successful business leader. This TED talk addresses what introverts have to offer and how to harness it to be successful.


5. Can you be Happy and Successful?


This is the best TED talk on how to be successful. This one addresses the classic question, “Can I be happy and successful?” The answer is yes, but you have to go about it differently than most people do. It’s a hard-won truth that many choose not to accept.


5. The Most Important Relationship at Work


This TED speaker has done years of research on trust, and he presents his findings in this speech. Learn what makes people trust one another and how to manage relationships at work.




These TED talks are fascinating and insightful, and these topics can help any business leader overcome challenges. Use these talks to balance out a busy work schedule. A few more TED speakers also have great insights on the best way to manage an individuals’ career and life.