2020 is bringing with it many books designed to help readers support a start-up business. These books cover all aspects of the start-up process and provide motivation and inspiration along the way.

One start-up book not to be missed is Mike Michalowicz’s The Pumpkin Plan. As a business owner himself, Michalowciz imparts advice that helped him succeed. He makes the point that his inspiration for starting his business came from the story of a pumpkin farmer. The book is based on the theory that the pumpkin farmer built his success. The theory states that when running a business, it is necessary to weed out the weak employees and help mold the employees with promise. Belief in this theory is what has made Michalowicz a successful businessman.

Another inspirational book for anyone leading a start-up is Danny Schuman’s The Worst Business Model In The World. The book addresses what can happen when one follows his or her passions in life. More than 100 entrepreneurs were interviewed for this book. It includes real-world examples of how entrepreneurs tackled and overcame problems with their own businesses. The author includes tools to help the book’s readers enjoy running their businesses successfully.

Jessica Livingston’s Founders at Work is a book that can help entrepreneurs learn from the experiences of their peers. The author interviewed many people who successfully started their own businesses. This includes famous entrepreneurs that founded companies like PayPal, Apple, and Flickr.

Entrepreneurs that want to learn how to think innovatively are encouraged to read Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup. The book explains to its readers how they can debut new product lines for their business. It gives tips on the creative ways that entrepreneurs can release their products to the public sooner. There are examples given of how entrepreneurs can set themselves up for ongoing success.

For budding entrepreneurs who haven’t yet made their dreams a reality, Pamela Slim’s Escape From Cubicle Nation did so and shares her story with her readers in this book. Slim’s blog was the inspiration for the book and covers the same topics. By telling her own story of entrepreneurial success, she has inspired many of her readers to find their own.